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We take pride in the appearance of the children in our school and we encourage them to wear school uniform.

We believe that a good, positive attitude to appearance promotes similar attitudes to other aspects of school life. Please help us by ensuring your child comes to school in school uniform.

However we also recognise that purchasing school uniform can be expensive so we have worked hard to source badged items at the best possible price.

The school uniform comprises:

  • Grey trousers, tailored shorts, skirt or pinafore dress (unbadged)
  • Navy blue and white checked dress - optional for the Summer Term (unbadged)
  • School blue polo shirt  (badged or unbadged)
  • School blue sweatshirt or cardigan (badged or unbadged)
  • Black Outdoor shoes, preferably not trainers
  • School Fleece or Jacket (optional)

No jewellery should be worn, except for a single pair of stud earings and a standard watch may be worn (not a smart watch).

PE Kit

PE is a statutory part of the school curriculum and all children are expected to take part in every lesson. We recommend children bringing their PE Kit into school at the start of the week and keep it in school all week in case there are timetable changes. A letter is needed from parents if there is a reason why a child is unable to take part in the PE lesson. All jewellery must be removed for PE. Our PE Kit comprises:

  • Trainers 
  • Navy blue or black shorts with plain T-shirt preferably white, blue or black
  • Tracksuit or jogging bottoms and sweatshirt is recommended for cold weather games

It is recommended that PE kits are kept in an appropriate named bag such as a drawstring bag. You will be advised when your child will be having swimming lessons.

Forest School

You will be advised when your child's class will have Forest School lessons. On these days they should come dressed in school uniform and bring old clothes, named wellington boots and waterproofs with them.

Uniform Suppliers

Offord Primary School uses Total Clothing to supply all our badged items. Please click on this link to go directly to the online ordering page: Offord Uniform They also supply PE bags as well as a number of unbadged items, which are, of course, available from other outlets. Please be aware that delivery during the summer months is likely to be longer than at other times in the year.

Second-hand uniform

In an effort to be more sustainable our PTA keeps a stock of second-hand badged uniform, school trousers, skirts, pinafores and checked dresses. Second-hand uniform sales are run once a term and most items cost £2 with the proceeds from sales going towards PTA funds. 

Important Information

  • All clothes, shoes and other possessions should be clearly marked with your child’s name.
  • Jewellery can be dangerous and children with pierced ears should only wear small plain studs to school. Watches are also allowed but must be removed for PE. Smart watches are not allowed.
  • Earings must be removed for PE.
  • Hair should be worn in a sensible and neat style. Long hair must be tied up for PE.



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