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The Offord Marathon Relay

Welcome to our marathon relay page where we will bring you the latest news in the build-up to our fund-raising marathon this summer.

Not only are we hoping to raise money towards a whopping £20k goal for new playground equipment but we also want to boost the coffers of a local charity which works to keep older people active.

Our intrepid head Kate Ruddock and her running buddy Claire Few will use the Offord Primary Marathon Relay on Saturday June 26th as part of their training for a 30-mile running and obstacle event later in the summer.

They plan to run 13 11-minute miles followed by 13 12-minute miles and will be accompanied by a different group of children on each mile, with everyone joining in the last 0.2-miles around the school field.

We really want our local community to get behind the initiative as the children started their training during May, which is national walking month.

Mrs Ruddock said on her own Facebook page: “I am helping the children at my school to raise money for some desperately needed new playground equipment - this year has been tough for them and having a place to play and socialise is vital. They would like a new play-tower which is really expensive!”

She added: “It’s not easy when you have fewer than 100 pupils to raise money through, so we are trying to reach a wider audience.”

Seventy-five per cent of the money raised will go towards the playground equipment, with a quarter going to Love to Move Cambridgeshire & Bedfordshire, which is part of British Gymnastics Foundation.

Love to Move is an age and dementia-friendly seated exercise programme, which also keeps the mind active and offers vital social interaction, particularly important after the isolation of the pandemic.

Mrs Ruddock added: “Exercise for people of all ages is vital. Love to Move will be working with the children over the next couple of months. Our new playground structure will encourage play and social interaction between the children – an area of social development that has sadly been missing during the pandemic.”

You can support the fundraising by making a donation here: 

What a Day!

Thanks to everyone who supported the Marathon Relay. We had a fabulous time.

Here are a few of the pictures.

Black Cat Radio

Headteacher Kate Ruddock talks about the marathon relay on the radio.


Love to Move

The children all took part in a Love to Move Cambridgeshire & Bedfordshire seated excerise program, which aims to promote balance, dexterity and coordination. The charity works with older people with dementia in our local area, helping to support them with the physical and mental health. All the children said how fun it was and how good they thought it would be for people with dementia.


Working together to achieve