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Key Policies

At Offord Primary School we know it’s vital to have the correct systems and processes in place to ensure our pupils’ safety and happiness. We also believe it is important to be transparent about what these processes are, so that our parents and carers can be informed and understand the way in which we work 

This school is guided by a number of policies ratified by The Cam Academy Trust and which apply to all schools in the Trust. These are available by clicking here and include the policies for Equality, Complaints, Whistleblowing, Data Protection, Freedom of Information, Pay & Remuneration, Procedures for Dealing with Allegations against Staff, Staff Capability, Staff Discipline and Charges & Remissions.

In addition schools have their own specific policies and the key ones are available on this page. A number of the policies at Offord Primary School are currently under review, including Curriculum, Assessment, Teaching & Learning and Health, Safety & Welfare. These will be uploaded soon.


At Offord Primary School we expect all our pupils to respect each other, treat each other fairly, engage with their learning and try their hardest in all areas of school life.

Each week we hold a celebrations assembly to recognise and reward children that have exemplified these behaviours during the week.

If a child does not show the expected behaviours in school, they will be spoken to to discuss why their behaviour is not appropriate. The child will have the opportunity to reflect on their behaviours and its consequences. Parents will be contacted as necessary.



If you have any concerns regarding your child’s education, in the first instance please discuss it with the class teacher. If you feel that the matter has not been resolved, you should contact the Headteacher.

If you are still dissatisfied, you should address a formal complaint to the School’s Governing Body.  

However, we do hope that your association with us will be happy and that if you have any concerns, we are able to discuss them to ensure that any issues are quickly rectified.
Our complaints policy is one that it ratified by The Cam Academy Trust and applies to all schools in the trust. The policy can be found here.

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