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Religious Education

At Offord Primary School we want children to develop a cultured world view that encourages them to self-reflect and develop empathy for others regardless of race or religion.  Building on from Early Years work about understanding the world, we aim to support children to develop their knowledge of different religions and understanding of different worldviews.   

We want the children to engage in a concept based RE curriculum that leads to knowledge through enquiry.  We believe that the skills we equip children with will enable them to go into the world as curious, independent thinkers who will be able to appraise and consider any views they are exposed to and allow them to become more inclusive individuals.  These opportunities and experiences provide children in our school with the understanding of why RE is relevant to their lives now and how it will continue to be relevant in the future. 

Through their understanding we want the children to become confident in their reasoning and justifying of their own ideas about spiritual, cultural and moral concepts as well as being able to challenge the ideas of others in a respectful manner.  The skills and knowledge gained through the RE curriculum underpin core British values.

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