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At Offord Primary School we aim to create an environment where all children can have the best chances of mastering maths and become confident mathematicians.  We do this by using the ‘Teaching for Mastery’ approach.  Teaching maths for mastery is different in the way that it offers all pupils access to the full maths curriculum where they acquire a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject.  This inclusive approach, and its emphasis on promoting multiple methods of solving a problem, builds self-confidence and resilience in pupils.  It also ensures the development of mathematical understanding in small and coherent steps. 

We are using a scheme of work that will enable our staff and children to successfully access the above teaching and learning model.  The Power Maths Scheme offers a world class and unique mastery teaching programme that is designed to spark curiosity and excitement in children and help to nurture children’s confidence in maths.  It places the emphasis of ‘achievement for every child’.  Therefore, all children will gain a good understanding of the different maths concepts and this will enable them to use their mathematical skills with great confidence in everyday life. 









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