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Ipads for all

17th January 2022

We are absolutely delighted that Offord Primary School has been chosen to receive a donation from the Dr Newcombe ...

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Christmas Celebrations

17th December 2021

We have had a wonderful time at school celebrating Christmas in various ways this week. We explored the meaning o ...

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The New Playground is Officially OPEN

13th December 2021

After an amazing year of fundraising the new playground apparatus has been installed and is now officially OPEN ...

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Fundraising for Children in Need

19th November 2021

Today was Children in Need Day. The children were allowed to come to school out of school uniform in return for ...

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One Kind Word

17th November 2021

Let kindness fuel kindness this Anti-bullying week.   The children have been discussing kindness and ho ...

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Anti-Bullying Week - Odd Sock Day

15th November 2021

We have kicked off Anti-Bullying Week by participating in Odd Sock Day. Everyone wore odd socks as a symbol to ...

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