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School Performance


Offord Primary School was last inspected before it became an Academy and joined The Cam Academy Trust in 2019. Therefore there is currently no data available. We will add a link to the relevant Government website after our next inspection.

Data Dashboard

The government measures the performance of all schools by comparing them in an easy to view format for parents and carers. It orders schools by performance from highest to lowest and then splits them into five groups or 'quintiles'.

As Offord is a new academy, there is currently no data available. A link will be added once our new dashboard has been populated in 2020.

Pupil Progress

Details of our first KS2 SATs results as a new school will be detailed here once they are published in 2020.

Parent View

Parent View gives parents  the chance to give Ofsted their views about the school. The survey can be completed at any time; you don’t have to wait until the school is being inspected. Click here to go to the Parent View website.

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